Discovering a new land,

This is a continuation of My previous Campaign JourneyOut of Darkness, Which is currently just a general log of the First several session to date.

During a feirce battle with the Red and White Queens and thier minnions, One of the party members has fallen in battle.(Poor Druid – X.) As the alarm was sounded soldiers poured into the dinning hall, Upon seeing the soldiers flood into the dinning room in waves the Party sees there chance to make a break out the far door. With the Gnome, Xugar, in the lead, having somehow become invisiable, to scout the way out of the castle, the party scrambles past the surviving minions and the corapses of the Red and White Queens running through the halls. As the party traverses the Halls they come to a Garden that over looks a cliff that falls straight down to a beach.
With the sounds of foot steps echoing the halls of the castle, The party sees a ship docked off in the distance. Spotting a stairway leading to the beach the party heads down to the beach and runs at full speed towards the direction of the Ship. Eventually the party came up to a large cliff that cuts the beach in half. Finding a cavern that leads to the other side of the clif face the party enters the cavern. Upon emerging from the other side they see the ship is about a half mile further up the shore.
The party makes a B-line for the ship. As the party reaches the ship the crew stops the party, informing them that this is the Red Queens ship and they can not pass with out authorization.

The Party then converses with the crew, being able to convince them that they are on a mission for the red Queen and display her (stolen) crown that was given as a token that they were actually telling the truth.
~Meanwhile: After hearing shouts coming from up the beach behind them, Xugar and Dag Malek head back into the cavern, while the crew and rest of the party members are preparing the ship to set sail. In the cave, Dag Malek begins creating gallons and gallons of water, while Xugar begins freezing the water, creating a wall of ice several feet thick, blocking any passage through the cave.

Once Dag Malek and Xugar return to the ship they set sail.

After a couple hours at sea a carpet of dense fog engulfs the ship and the surrounding area. After traveling for several hours in the fog it finally begins to disipate, revealing that the party is currently sailing in a Westernly path under more familiar stars.

Setting roots in a new land

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