Population: 9,730

Religious Temples: Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae, and Razmir (Newly established)

This ramshackle city sits pearched at the mouth of the River, Marideth, with much of the city built on peirs and pilings over the broad marshlands of the estuary, connected by causeways, bridges, and a flotilla of coracles and skiffs. The fortifications that once guarded the aproaches to Tamran were torn down by the Nirmathi themselves during the, Freedom War, when they recognized how the fortifications played to Molthune’s advantage in traditional warfare. Such walls could not withstand a Molthuni siege, and indeed made it harder to mount a counterattack. By demolishing the walls, Tamran became a nigh-indefensible open city. Yet whenever Molthune threatened, Nirmathi soliders could melt into the wild and the popular could surrender, but Tamran’s proximity to the rive and marshes allowed Nirmathi guerillas to infiltrate the city at will. Molthune has “captured” Tamran on five separate occasions, but each time it has found holding the city too costly and fruitless. Even when the Molthuni burned the city in frustration at the end of their last occupation, the Nirmathi rebuilt it within a year. Nirmathi proudly look to their humble city as a symbol of their tenacity, cleverness, and resilience.


Scource: Pathfinder Campaign setting: The Inner Sea World guide


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