Alignment: CG

Capital: Tamran (9,730)

Notable Settlements:

  1. Glimmerhold (6,200)
  2. Skelt (5,400)
  3. Crystalhurst (1,182)
  4. Kassen (750)
  5. Crossfen (130)

Ruler: Forest Marshal Weslen Gavirk

Government: Meritocracy

Languages: Commmon, Varisian

Religion: Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae

Prominet Nirmathi leaders and soldiers gather every 4 years to elect a Forset Marshal. The current Forest Marshal, Weslen Gavrik, is a compassionate and determined man well acquainted with the jack-booted oppression enacted by molthune in its repeated conquests of his home city, Tamran.


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