Setting roots in a new land

Isle of Terror
To the City of Golden Death

As the Sun crests the horizon of the next day, Dag is out gathering supplies form the surrounding woods that he intends to put to use on their journey. As mid morning comes around the party assembles on the docks as the crew of, The Red Queen, are making preparations for there departure.

As the captain of the ship approaches the party he greats them with a smile, “Good day to you all. Preparations are going buy smoothly, and we shall be able to set sail with in the hour.”

“Wonderful” replied Keth.

“And what of the repairs on the Malestrom?” asked Xugar.

“The damages to the Malestrom were numerous and repairs are proceeding slowly, the main thing that is holding us up is that we have to wait on a delivery for a few items on the ship.” replied the captain “No worries though they should just about all be complete by the time we return from our voyage.” he explained “in the mean time you all can feel free to start boarding and once all the preparations have completed we shall be off.”

“Very nice Captain, what other news have you this fine day?” askedSerra Angelicus

“Well my Lady, it seems that the town is all in an uproar over you guys exposing the illegal activities of the Cult of Razmir.” replied the Captain, “Shoot the city guards are even going as far as, as of this morning they have started demolishing the whole Temple, in an attempt to completely erase any traces that they were even here. As for the cultist they have locked up, well they are getting ready to start conducting criminal trails for all the illegal activities that they participated in, and boy I tell you, now that they are in jail there are numerous more people coming forward with new allegations against them. Serves them right for what they have done I suppose.” Informed the captain, “anyways shall we be off My Lady?” he asked

“Very well, lets head out.” Replied Serra.

Add Sea Encounters here>

After several days out to sea the party spots the Island, looming in the midst of a sea of darkness as the ship sails straight for the island and into the heart of the Negative energy storm that rages before them.

Add more sea encounter here while in Negative energy storm>

As the party lands on the Island they find themselves in Fort Landing, the once main port of the island now just a dead, decrepit, abandoned ruin of its former glory as now all the buildings have fallen into decay. Traveling through the ruins the party eventually comes across the remains of the Razmiri’s campsite. After searching the site there were obvious signs that the cultist had been attacked while they camped for the night, as three marked freshly dug, grave sites were located on the edge of the campsite. Once Keth’ronae learned of their direction they were off again, trekking into the interior of the Island and into a dark and damp swamp.

Add encounter with the deranged Pathfinder stranded on the island>

Add encounter with the mutated Black Lizardmen of the Island and discovery of the Black lake of Poison>

Encounter with Shadow Demon>

The party arrives at the Gates of Xin-Grafar, more commonly known as the City of Golden Death>

Encounters while in the city>

First Battle with a Golden Skeletal Dragon and the addition to the Party Orc Barbarian.>

Battle at the gates to the cities second ring>

As the party continues on through the Gates to the second ring, Keth decides to scout ahead. As the elf ventures forth he comes across another intersection, but in this intersection lays a large pile of gold and jewels that rise about 10 feet high. As he observes the area he does not see much else out of the ordinary, then he spots on the edge of the pile a Golden statue facing the pile. After examining the statue for a while he notices that this is not just a normal statue but this is one of the Razmiri cultist, it has the same exact build, wearing a similar style robe and the face is also covered in one of those iron masks.

Before Keth could say anything, curiosity pulled X towards the pile as he stared transfixed on the treasure before him. As the gnome started to reach towards the pile he was jerked back into reality at the sound of some strange noise. As Xugar leaps back away from the pile, in the exact spot that he was once standing, a geyser of molten gold bursted forth from the ground, melting some of the nearby gold in the process. As the fountain of gold subsided, the gnome set his eyes on the golden statue, and began reciting an incantation, as the statue started to reduce in size. Once the Statue was small enough the Sorcerer utilized his magical aptitude and levitated the statue away from the pile of gold. Once safely away the Xugar picked up the statue and tucked it away into his pocket.

Cultist set a meager trap for their pursuers.>

Encounter with the bridge Guardians>

Battle with the Golden Dragon>

Searching the Dragons Horde>

Entering into the central building>

Climbing over the Pit of Gold coins>

Fight with 3 more cultists>

As the party recovers from there battle with the last remaining cultists, They start to venture forth into the Central chamber of the city. Walking down the Hall way strange thick sticky strands of webbing shoot out from various sections of the walls and floor. As the young Gnome ducks and weaves through the webbing fighting to move forward, he comes to the edge of the webbing and blows his magical Horn. As the sound echos through the adjoining chambers the room before him becomes clouded in a thick layer of Fog concealing every thing that is inside the room.

The rest of the party fights there way free of the webbing as large shards of ice rain over them slicing and freezing the members of the party. Now free from his confines Dag Malek advances forward as he fortifies himself with his divine magic. Fighting to get free Keth’ronae starts weaving through the webbing, entering the thick fog searching for the unknown adversary.

As Iramine hears her attackers struggling through her Web, She lets loose a Fire Ball into the narrow Hall way.

A large Burning ball of Fire smashes into the wall of the Hallway, as the party ducks and rolls, taking minimal damage from the Fireball. As the regain their composure they notice that the webbing has started burning away.

Young Qael advanced forward into the edge of the Hall way and started casting rays of scorching fire into the fog, just watching it as the heat from the rays begins to dissipate the fog in the room.

As the fog completely dissipates from the room Iramine finds herself becoming surrounded as she draws her Elven Curve blade.

X boosts the abilities of Dag by causing him to become Enlarged, giving his more of an advantage in the fight.

As the battle seems to be winding down something unexpected happens. Iramine grasps the Jewel of Everlasting Gold and holds it against her chest as her body ignites into a large mass of flames, as the young elf grows into a Huge Fire Elemental.

While the party backs away from the expanding Humanoid figure of fire X points his strange wand at the creature out of instinct. As hundreds of thousands of butterflies spray forth towards the creature. As the insects flutter forth the majority of the party become blinded by hundreds of fluttering burning butterflies.

Keth, lunges at the flame elemental striking several staggering hits and singing his knuckles in the process.

As Dag continues to exchange blows with the fire elemental X points his rod at it once more. This time The red and orange flames of the elemental start turning to a deep bluish shade.

As the battle raged on X managed to point his rod and make the Elemental grow even larger, from a huge elemental into a larger Elder Elemental.

As the battle comes into an end the party collect there spoils and leave the room.

As the party proceeds to navigate back over the money pit, they are attacked by the Dark Naga again.

As the party deals with the Naga Xugar reads his maps and schematics that he acquired and walked out the door, leaving the party to deal with their new adversary, And makes his way to the Exit post haste.

As the party finishes with the Naga, they continue to scale the other side of the mone y pit as dag fills his pockets with what he can carry. As the party assembles at the top of the pit they continue out the door.

“X where is the quickest way out?” Keth asked. After several moments of silence as the party glances around. They realize that the gnome is no were to be seen.

“That little son of a….” utters Keth as he runs off back tracking his way back to the entrance straining to catch up with the Gnome.

As the Gnome reaches the entrance he finds the doors to the city closed as the Molten gold rises to kiss the edges of the shores. He locates the building on the map that is supposed to control the gate doors and enters to examine the lock. Upon discovering that there are several levers on the wall and two of the levers need to be pulled at the same time he exits the building and sits on the ground by the door way.

Keth finally catches up to the Gnome watching him go into the building and then shortly after coming out and sit by the door. Staying concealed within the buildings he keeps an eye on the gnome.

As Dag watches the elf speed off into the distance, he puts his hands together cracking his knuckles, “Ah….What the Hell!” As he picks up his Hammer and flings it over his shoulder, and extends one foot into the golden square in-front of him, as he steps down the square lights up. The Dwarf laughs and begins to sing, “She Was More Like A Beauty Queen From A Movie Scene”, stepping into another square with the other foot as it lights up as well, “I Said Don’t Mind, But What Do You Mean I Am The One”. As he begins a half jog and half dance as he follows the elf as he makes his way back to the entrance, as the rest of the party follows.

As the Dwarf continues on, Qael joins in with his “ghost sounds” spell, making a standard drum beat: kick, snare and hi-hat, and it contains hardly any reverberation, aside from a long pre-delay reverb, primarily on the snare sound. After four bars, The paladin joins in also with her “Ghost sound” to add a repetitive bass line, the a companiment is followed by a repetitive three-note synth, as the Party journeys forth.

As Keth sits there staking out the Gnome his attention gets diverted as he hears a strangely catchy tune coming from behind followed by a set of enchanting lyrics. As he turns he sees Dag and the rest of the party coming down the road, but he notices that as dag steps on a square it lights up as the dwarf continues singing.

“Billie Jean Is Not My Lover” As the Dwarf lights up another square, “She’s Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One”

Dag Pauses and spins around and continues, “But The Kid Is Not My Son” as he poops his collar, “She Says I Am The One, But The Kid Is Not My Son”

With another spin, “Billie Jean Is Not My Lover”, he shakes his legs flipping one foot out forward, “She’s Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One” stepping forward lighting up another square, “But The Kid Is Not My Son”

As Dag spins again, “Billie Jean Is Not My Lover” Thrusting his pelvis forward.

As the rest of the Party join up at the cross roads in front of the now closed entrance, the Gnome sulks back into the building. The Party goes in after, Dag enters first to notice that the Gnome is attempting to jump into the river of molten gold just bellow. Dag lungs forth just grabbing the Gnome by his legs and pulls him up.

Then binds the Gnome with the Rope.

Gnome refuses to talk to any one but the Dwarf.

Every one leaves building and the Dwarf interrogates the Gnome.

Gnome finally agrees to tell the Dwarf how to get out of the city in exchange for his life and a few of his possessions.

The Party exit the City, and head back to the Boat.

The Gnome is let loose and leaves on a row boat.

The party boards the, The Red Queen and heads back towards Tamran

The Gnome watching the party sail past him circle around the North side of the Island and heads towards the North Eastern edge of Lake Encarthan.

Bringing Down the faith
He dreamed up a god and called it Razmir

Taking a break from the humdrum of the city noise Keth ventured out around mid morning, traveling out into the Northern Fangwood Forest. As the elf traverses the thick foliage, he quickly stops putting his ear to the wind believing that he has heard someone or some creature close buy. After a brief pause the forest went silent, the everyday sounds of the tiny woodland critters seemed to cease. As Keth stood there pain pierced into his back he was forced to the ground by a large and heavy creature. As the creature using the force of its attack continued for close to fifty feet before it came to a stop, turning to face Keth head on. A loud tree splitting “ROAR” filled the sky as Keth regaining his composure lifts his eyes to gaze on the thing that was able to surprise him. As Keth stairs into the cold blood thirsty gaze of this large Tiger in front of him the only thought racing through his mind was how could he possible get out of this predicament he has found himself in.

As the warm midday sun crests the clear sky, Qael and Paladin sit in the shadow of the large temple that rests at in the midst of the city of Tamran. It is a large Temple that takes up the entire block. This temple is the newest building in the city, built almost a year ago. This cult of Razmiris said to have been able to gain more followers and wealth as the weeks passed, since they first arived here in Tamran, especially for only just arriving in the city only 2 years ago as a small band of missionaries fixed on spreading this new religion from across Lake Encarthan. The temple sitting in the midst of the town square is encompassed by numerous shops from the lowly baker to the fancy jewelers. The streets have become crammed full of citizens of varying race, age, religion, sex, All traversing the streets going from one shop to the next. Scattered along the streets cloistered together citizens gather to exchange welcoming greetings, spreading the latest news or rumors that they have heard earlier that day.

Walking in to the middle of town the little purple gnome ducked and weaved his way through the crowd until, one in particular caught the eye of little Xugar. As he stood there standing by Qael, and Paladin, they watched as a person in a black robe stood for front preaching to the crowd, as the party gazed upon him they noticed his facial features were being obstructed by a strange Iron mask. As this self proclaimed priest began preaching to the masses on the street there were several of the same iron masked cloaked figure standing amongst the crowd, though they were cloaked in white robes, each preforming various acts used to amuse the crowd and keep their eyes upon the central figure as he preaches of the glory of Razmir. All along there are two other figures wrapped in gray robes dawning the same iron mask, moving amongst the crowds collecting various donations from the onlookers.

As Keth’ronae stands there face to face with the large Tiger he calmly inched closer to the beast, Humming a sweet barely audible tone, attempting to sooth his adversary. Once only a few feet from the Tiger Keth’ronae began softly talking to the large cat. Once Keth was only a few feet away, a large Paw swiped just inches from his face, as he quickly jumped backwards. With the distraction made the Tiger made off into the woods, leaving the Elf alone. After regaining his composure and collecting his things that fell from the initial attack from the Tiger, Keth made his way back into town.

As the afternoon moved into the evening the party made their way to The Forest’s Bounty Feast hall. The Feast hall is made from enormous timbers, The Forest Bounty is a long hall, open at both the front and back, filled with wooden tables and benches. Dozens of people gather here, eating, drinking, and laughing. One table of patrons even carries on with a bawdy song that seems to have most of the folk smiling.

As the party stand in the entry way of the feast hall, a strikingly attractive serving wench greats them, “Good evening good sir’s come in, find a seat, and join in the festivities.”

“Miss.. Do you know were we can find, Reginar Lacklan.” asked the dwarf.

“Ah… Yes he is around her somewhere.. Yes there he is over at the far table.” replied the lady.

Weaving their way through the crowds and between the tables, the crowd thickens as more people come into the hall, slowing the parties movement through the crowd. At the table before the party sits a robust man, wearing green and brown leathers and cloaked in a large bearskin. A longbow rests against the table next to him. He looks up with a hearty laugh, “Welcome, friends. I hear that you have been looking for me. I am Reginar Lacklan. Please sit, We have much to discuss.” As he sweeps out his arms in an inviting gesture as a serving maid places a tray of roast boar and forest vegetables on the table before him.

“So the rumor is that you have aided, Professor Lorrimor in escaping from an attack from a group of religious fanatics out on Lake Encarthan.” he exclaims between bits of roast boar. “My thanks to you. Come eat, there is plenty to go around.”

As the serving maid comes around taking drink orders from the party, Dag Malek looks towards Reginar “The Professor said that you might be in need of some help, so what kind of services do you need?”

“Ah. straight to the point, Very well then.” Reginar glances around the hall assuring himself that there are no eavesdroppers, “As you might know if you were roaming around town during the day time hours, there is a religious order dedicating themselves to the path of the Living God Razmir.” pausing a moment, taking a drink from his mug. “The cult of Razmir appeared in Tamran about 2 years ago, initially as a small group of missionaries. They soon raised the funds to build the a Temple, no dought you have seen the large structure in the center of the market place, it has been constructed about a year and a half ago.” as Reginar take bite of the veggies.

“The thing that concerns me is that power and influence in the city have grown ever since, and the local guards seem to pay them no heed, even going as far as to dismiss any reports of their foul practices. It seems as if the temple is paying off some of the guards to help protect the temple, and aid in watching out for thieves and intruders.” he continues. “Their actions out side of the temple come across as suspicious, even though the cult members go out frequently to aid the poor and proselytize. This just seems like a cover for some of their more illegal activities, I have been hearing reports and claims of the cult being accused of thievery, blackmail, and extortion.” Reginar goes on, “I have even seen some of these cult members beat a man within an inch of his life, claiming that the humble cobbler stole from the temple. All the while the city guards just merely stood there and watched as the event took place and did nothing to intervene.”

“So what is it that you wish of us?” replies Keth’ronae as Reginar pauses to take another swig of his Ale.

“Well… I would like you all to acquire more information on this cult. Currently we do not know enough about the cult or have the evidence we need to take any overt actions against them. I would suggest that you would have to find some way to infiltrate the temple. I stress that you use caution in your endeavor, even though you are investigating and searching for any illegal activity, if you are caught yourself doing anything illegal you will be subjected to the consequences of the law.” he exclaims.

“Very well Reginar, we shall get the information that you are looking for.” replies Keth’ronae.

“I shall be around, You will be able to get a hold of me if the need arises, I eat here about every few days. Otherwise we shall meet here in about 1 weeks time and you can relay what you have learned.”

With that the party finishes their meals and take their leave. The party travels back to their lodgings. As the party leaves passes buy the town center, the shadowy silhouette of the Temple of Razmir looms over the quite and dark streets. Taking some time to observe the outside of the temple as they passed buy it, they continued to their rooms.

Closing the door to their room, Keth’ronae securely locks the door. “Tomorrow I will go and scout the temple, observe their habits and patterns, seeing how we might go about entering this place.”

“Very well, I will see what I can do about making some arrows. Then I will come and join in scouting out the Temple around midday.” replied Dag Malek.

As the Early morning fog floats in from the lake, Dag Malek awakes, gathering up his newly acquired wood working tools, Dag steps out into the darkness of the we hours of the morning and heads out into the Fangwood Forest. After going fairly deep into the forest Dag Malek comes to a clearing were he spots a strong, sturdy tree. “This will work nicely.” exclaimed the dwarf, as he dropped his tools to the ground keeping the large woodsman axe in his grasp, he starts chopping at the base of the tree.

After several minutes of hacking at the tree, it finally fell into the foliage covering the forest floor. Walking over to the fallen tree he cut the tree into smaller sections. Once in smaller sections Dag sat on the tree stump, and using the rest of the woodworking tools began fashioning a set of arrows out of the wood.

As the early morning light began to shine through the windows of the bedroom, Keth’ronae stood there in the center of the room strapping on his gear as he readies himself for what lies ahead. The elf goes out into the streets and makes his way to the town center, the streets already starting to fill with people moving about heading to the various shops, to prepare for the days business. Keth find a bench circling a flower garden, and takes a seat and surveys the area. As he sits there the young elf covertly stacks out the entrance to the Temple of Razmir, trying to find out if there is any routine followed, lapse in security, or other opportunities to infiltrate the establishment.

After several hours of observing the entrance, Keth has noticed that there really is not any consistency in which these people leave the temple, Just that all of them are dressed in either white, gray, or black robes and all wearing the same iron mask. Upon realizing this he decides to pursue the next group that exit the temple. A few minutes pass by and another group consisting of a single gray robe, and four white robed individuals exit the temple and head towards the western edge of the city, making there way to a local leather tanner’s establishment, and enter into the building.

Once Keth’ronae reaches the Tanners shop, in a most discrete manner, the young elf attempts to enter in after the priests, only to be denied entry, finding that the door has been locked shut and the windows drawn shut.

“Interesting…” muttered the Elf as he listens closely at the door.

From inside there are several muffled sounds, and the evident sounds of some kind of struggle, as various bangs and crashes permeate the door as things sound like they are falling over.

After several moments young Keth is startled as he hears the locks of the store begin to move. Quickly and quietly Keth vacates his current position blending back into the crowd on the streets, as he sees the group of robed figures exit the building.

Once Keth’ronae is confidant that they have left the area he heads into the Leather Tanner’s shop.

Entering into the shop, Keth sees a stout rugged looking human behind the counter picking up a few sets of boots and leather pelts, and placing them onto shelves.

“Good day to you fine sir!” with a friendly demeanor the ranger continues, “How is business this day?” He asks.

“Business is going” replied the trapper, “What can I do for you?”

“I have some fine fresh pelts here that I would be interested in selling. if you have need of them.”

“Well, I am always in need of more materials to work with.” Replied the trapper “What have you there?”

As Keth pulls out his pelts and lays them about the counter, he asks " Is every thing alright here sir? You seem to be a bit on edge."

“Every thing is fine, just finished with a large order, and about to begin on another.” as the trapper cleared his throat “Those are pretty nice pelts that you have there. I will give you ten gold for the lot of ’em”

“Ten gold, I was hoping for more around twenty-five, These are extremely fresh and exotic to this area.” the ranger countered.

“Be that as it may, I am offering you Ten for the lot, take it or leave it.” boasted the leather worker.

“Are you positive you are doing okay?” Keth inquired again

“I am fine, Ten, Take it or leave it.” replied the shop owner.

“Very well, I will take it” garbing the gold from the man and turning to leave the shop.

After leaving the leather shop, Keth’ronae, turned back towards the center of town and worked his way back to the town square. Once he reached the edge of the shopping district the young ranger noticed that while two of his companions, the sorcerer and the Paladin, were sitting on a set of benches were he was just this morning, his other traveling companion, Xugar, was up at the front gates of the Temple talking to the guards. Shaking his head in disgust the ranger spotted Dag Malek entering the square on the far end opposite himself. acknowledging him as the dwarf spotted Keth as well they started walking towards a set of benches on the far south end of the square.

“Hello!” as the gnome walked up towards the guard, “How are you, can I come in?” asked Xugar

“You shall not enter this building under divine mandate.” Interrupted the guards as they lowered there pikes to block any entry into the building.

“But this is a temple right? I should be allowed to go into a temple.” replied the gnome.

“Entry is only permitted to those dedicated to the faith. Heretics and all non believers have no business with in these walls.” enforced the guards.

“Well, is there some one that I can talk to? I will only be a minute. I wont touch anything” asked the purple gnome.

“NO!” Replied the guards.

“Well then how can I join the order?”inquired young X.

“Initiations will be held this evening at the Rangers Lament.” answered the guard. “Now step back!”

Stepping back only a couple feet, “Okay” replied X, as he stands there looking at them.

“Back further” insisted the guards.

“What the hell is he doing?” Asked Keth as the elf and the dwarf sat at one of the far benches facing the temple.

Watching the Gnome inch his way backwards from the guard, pausing after every two feet, only to have the guards yell for him to move back further. “I have no freaking clue, I try not to pay attention to him” replied the cleric. “Anyways here are the arrows that I was able to fashion for you. Have you found out anything about this group?”

“Thank you, Dag. As for these people, there seems to be no consistency to the times they leave, seems move random then anything. I have found out that they go out into the city and provide various services to the poorer folks of the town, giving them bread, water, and sometimes cheeses.” explained the ranger “But I am thinking this is more of a cover in that they are actually facilitation more illegal activities. I ended up following one of the groups as they left the temple and headed west. They went to a Leather tanner’s shop, and upon trying to go in there after them, I found the doors and windows shut and locked. Waiting outside I heard sounds of struggle, once I was able to enter into the establishment, after they had left. The shop keep seemed extremely on edge but was unwilling to say why, his shop was in some what of a disarray, as it looks as if things were knocked over, possible they were in the proses of extorting money from him, and probably others in the area.” Pausing for a moment as he glanced back up towards the front gates of the temple. “I think that our best bet is to try to infiltrate the temple in the middle of night. But we need to find a way in.” stated the Elf.

“With those stone walls, it should not be a problem.” continuing in a quite tone “I will be able to make a door into the back of the structure allowing you to enter in unnoticed.”

“Well then we wait until tonight” as they got up to leave the square.

Back at the inn the two run into Xugar as he is making his preparations before his meeting with the priests. As the Ranger and cleric watched X unloaded all his items into the chest at the end of his bed, only keeping the cloths he was wearing and concealing his wand in his boot covering it with his pant leg.

“What are you doing” asked Dag Malek

" I am getting ready for my meeting" exclaimed X.

“What meeting” the dwarf inquired.

“Well, Tonight I have a meeting with the priests of the temple so that I can join up with there order” the gnome explained.

“While he is at the meeting hopefully distracting the priests, we will have our chance to go on with our plan.” whispered Keth, just loud enough for the dwarf to hear.

Later that evening the young gnome returned to the front of the temple. “Hello, again” He said to the guards as he sat down in front of the gate.

“What do you think you are doing?” asked the guard “you must move now”

“But I am here for the initiation into the order” replied the gnome “I was told it was tonight and here I am.”

“It is not held here. You have to go over to the Rangers Lament.”

" SO it is not here?" asked the gnome.

“NO” replied the guard.

“Okay….” replied X as he got up and headed off to the Rangers Lament.

“This will help us stay concealed from those who might notice.” exclaimed Dag, as he waved his hands as the Fog from the waterfront made its way further inland concealing the rear of the Temple.

Upon getting to the back wall of the Temple, Dag, with his fingers outlines the form of a door large enough for the elf to squeeze through. Grabbing the edges of the outline, the dwarfs hands just melted part way through the solid stone, giving him a good hold of the slab of stone as he slowly slide it free from the rest of the wall.

As the ranger entered into the structure Dag slid the slab back into its place leaving it partly opened so that the elf could return this way. After about an hour of scoping out the innards of the temple Keth returns to the stone door he entered in. Meeting back up with the dwarf, he explains that there are still several clergy members inside. Upon hearing this they decide to go to the inn were X was supposed to be at only to find that the doors and windows bared. Were upon they stayed in the shadows of the porch waiting and listening to the sounds from inside, waiting.

As X sits there talking and merry making with the others that came to be recruited and the priests. After several minutes later X sees on of the recruits pass out drunk face first into his plate. As X watched, two priests came and took the man into the back room. Upon seeing this X decided to make a quick decision and fake them out and act like he passed out as well. Once he fell face first onto the table two more priests came and carried him into the back room.

Then as X keeps his eyes closed he starts to feel that he is going in a down ward motion and then down a tight cave.

In a small room the priest places the gnome on a small bed and begins to search the gnome for any weapons and other paraphernalia. As the priest goes to start searching the gnome, Xugar jumps up off the table and makes a beeline for the door on the far end of the room. As X reaches the door he turns around, pulling out his wand, and pointing it at the priest. As a magical aura goes from the wand to the priest, the target priest begins to grow larger, but still continues with the pursuit and follow X through the narrow hall leading deeper in to the enemies encampment. As the giant priest tries to squeeze through the door way, X points is wand again, this time the priest begins to turn to stone baring any entry or exit through the passage.

Continuing on X finds him self running down the corridors until the ground underneath him suddenly disappears from underneath you feet.

Falling down a shoot winding stair case that was trapped, turning into a slide as Xugar slid down into a deep pit. As he regained his composure, dusting himself off, he notices two fairly large statues sitting in the midst of the pit. Each one having a strange circular hole at the base. As the gnome examines the room he realizes that there is no way of getting out of this pit.

“Well, I wonder were those holes lead to?” Xugar muttered to himself. As he neared the hole and peered inside he heard a hissing noise and jumped back away from the hole as a giant snake lunged at the gnome.

Taken back by surprise, purely on reaction the gnome pulled out his strange wand and pointed it at the snake, only so feel him self shrink even smaller. As the once diminutive gnome grew even smaller. Once he had shrunk again Xugar, was able to slip into the hole of the other statue. As the miniscule gnome traversed the tunnel that he just went into, as he passed fork in the tunnel he decided to run straight, moving right into a dead end, were he came to a halt as he just stood there staring at three large sized eggs.

Xugar came about face as he heard the slithering and hissing of the snake as it fallowed him. As the snake came into view X pointed his rod towards the snake again, and in doing so the tunnel floor in front of him started sprouting grass as it grew thick. As the snake slithered through the grass, X quickly casts entangle restricting the snakes movements to next to nothing. Seeing that the snake has become immobile X then decides to summon an attack dog to aid in the fight against the snake. As the battle ensued X silently slipped underneath the dogs large frame as it was taking up most of the room in the tunnel, and snuck through the tall grass and out the other hole that was no longer blocked. As X emerged from the hole back into the pit that he originally fell into he saw the tail of the snake partly sticking out of the opposite hole, as he looked at it the tail went still as he heard an angry growl being emitted from the hole.

“Well time to get out of here.” He said as he moved to the wall. Xugar easily found hand and foot holdings that he could utilize at his miniscule stature. After quite some time he found himself back into the hall way moving back to the intersection that he passes coming in. Once at the intersection Xugar turned to his right and ran into the large rug that spanned the floor. As he moved through the rug it seemed like walking in very tall weeds that stood taller then him.

As the sounds from inside the tavern died down Dag Malek and Keth’ronae began to grow impatient and curiously interested ans with the quieting of the noise inside, not a soul had exited out the bar through the front door that they now were staking out. With that Keth went to the door to get a better listen and tried the door, yet the once locked door was now unlocked, With a puzzled look on his face he glances back at Dag as he opens the door they both proceed into the empty bar. “This is very strange.” muttered Keth in a silent whisper. As they searched the building they came to a back store room, after a thorough search of the small store room Dag slid a large create to the side revealing a trap door. As he flung the door open he revealed a dark pit that only had a single ladder descending into the darkness. Climbing into the the darkness the two followed the ladder down into the darkness to were it finally brought them in a halt onto a dimly light cave floor. As the two followed the shrouded tunnel they came into a small room with a table on the right hand wall. On the far side of the room in what looks to be a hall way leading further on, stood a large stone humanoid statue, stuck in the entry way blocking any passage.

“Well X must have been here” Said the elf as he pointed towards the giant statue. “Can you do something about this Dag.”

“No problem, We’ll have this reduced to dust in no time.” Exclaimed the dwarf as he raised his hammer bringing it thundering down into the statue as he bashed it into the ground.

As the two traveled through the tunnel climbing through the broken pieces of stone, they came upon a large cell to their left, laying against the wall was a human passed out.

After a few attempts to wake him through the bars the two decided to just bash in the cell door. “Wake up fool” yelled keth as he smacked the human across the face." You better get you stinking ass out of here if you want to live" yelled the elf as the Human jerked himself awake.

Jumping to his feet, “My thinks good sirs.” as he ran out of the cell and down the tunnel to his freedom.

Continuing on the elf tracked the gnomes path down the hall passed and intersection and further on to were the two came to a halt at the top of an inclined section of the hall. Lowering himself down the incline on a long piece of rope that Dag help firmly, Keth descended into the pit seeing the signs of a struggle and the tail of what looked to be a dead snake, he called out, “Hey, X, you down here?” after several minutes of no answer he climbed his way back up the rope.

“Well looks like he was down there, there are definite signs of a battle and a dead snake sown there, but no signs of the gnome.” stated Keth as he coiled his rope back up. “And it looks like there are not further track from him either.”

“I think I might have an Ideal” as the dwarf stared muttering an incantation waving his arms and hands, “AH, yes this should do it…..It would seem that he is down this hallway down here.”

As the dwarf and elf walk down the carpeted hallway, they suddenly stop in the midst of the hall way. On the far end of the hall rests a large iron mask hanging on the wall, staring at them as they approach. Standing there on the carpet staring forward they notice that suddenly leaves start growing out of the mask.

“Alright X I know your here some where, come out now.” replied the dwarf. Then suddenly dag felt a small tug on his trousers as something seemed like it was crawling up his leg. “What the hell…” he yelled as he looked down seeing an extremely tiny gnome crawl up his leg. “How in the hell did you get so small… wait I don’t even want to know.. Lets just get the hell out of this place.”

Being reunited with his companions the three back tracked their steps and exited the complex and bar. “Alright lets go talk to Reginar, this something that he would be interested in.” explained the dwarf.

The next night the party was able to get in contact with Reginar Lacklan, were upon they went into detail of the things they seen in the Temple and how they are participating in an illegal means of recruitment.

“Good work. I will meet you at the bar shortly, I will have to go make some arrangements and then you will present this evidence to me personally when we go and investigate this matter.” replied the pathfinder as he took one last swig of his ale and walked away from the table and out of the Feast Hall.

Later that evening the group assembled in front of the Rangers lament and waited for Reginar. After several minutes the pathfinder came walking up the road with a contingent of several armed soldiers. “Well met.” he acknowledged the party, “Well shall we?” he asked as he started moving towards the door.

As Reginar flung the door open to the bar the whole inside came to a deathly silence as the pathfinder stood there at the door as his soldiers flooded into the bar. “Alright every one out now.” he yelled, Quickly glancing at the Bartender “You stay were your at and do not move.” As the bar emptied he began to interrogate the bar tender, while his soldiers searched the establishment.

After several hours of finding nothing the pathfinder turns to the party, “Well were is it?” he asked.

“It was in the store room,” said the elf.

“I know it was here” replied the dwarf, as they looked into a store room that was packed full of food stuffs, various vintages of wines and ale’s.

Not seeing what they were looking for, and was positive that was in this room, the dwarf started smashing boxes and looking behind them.“they must have cast a spell to conceal it” roared the dwarf.

“I am not detecting any magic in this room”, replied the sorcerer.

As the dwarf roared in frustration he ended up kicking a large create, which ended up sliding to the side revealing a small portion of a trap door in the floor. “There it is.” hollered Dag in a mixed since of excitement and relief.

Upon finding the door the party accompanied the Pathfinder and several of his soldiers into the trap door and down into the basement of the Temple. Upon finding this Reginar returned to the surface and back into the bar. He motioned to a couple of his men, “This bar is officially shut down until further notice. You got that?”

“Yes sir.” the replied as two of them took the bar keeper into custody as the others proceeded to securely lock all entry ways into the building.

“You two will stand guard this building and do not let anyone near this place.” as he motioned to them to stand at the door, as he was walking back into the city night.

Later that evening Reginar and even more soldiers descended upon the Temple itself, and shutting down the whole Temple complex, while some of the cultists were able to escape into the city and country side the majority of the people within the temple were thrown into the dark damp city jails.

Upon searching the Temple along side Reginar and his soldiers the contents of the temple that were discovered were enough arms to supply a small army.

While searching Reginar approached the party once again. “Well we have found more then enough here to put an end to this cult and its illegal activities with in the city. My thinks goes out to you upstanding citizens.” replied the pathfinder, “One thing still troubles me, there is documentation explaining that the High priestess of this temple was not among those that were arrested and in fact has a sizable group that she set out with. The letters stat that she is on her way to the Isle of Terror, and that she has assembled the tree parts of a key to a city that supposedly holds great wealth.” Reginar continued to explain, “Her plans are to retrieve this wealth and turn it over to the nation of Razmir to help fund the Razmirian religion. This is one thing that we can not allow to come past. So I implore you all to once again venture forth. Go to the City of ”/campaign/setting-roots-in-a-new-land/wikis/Xin-Grafer/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Xin-Grafer and stop her from gaining possession to this source of wealth, seal off the city to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands and return the key to me. Once the Key has been retried we can return it to its rightful resting place in the Crypt of the Ever-flame, so that the ghosts of the former bearers of the pieces of the key can be put back to rest and stop tormenting the citizens of the town of Kassen.

After much debate on this matter the party finally decided to help out the pathfinder once again and to track down the remaining cultists and stop them from obtaining the riches that lie in the City of Xin-Grafer.

Through the Fog
I can see clearly now!

The fog begins to clear as the party finds them selves sailing in a westernly direction. As the day goes on the sky starts to darken, flashes of light on the horizon illuminate the sky for a split second. The wind begins to howl as it reaches about 50 mph. The Waves toss the, The Red Queen, around as the PC’s brace them selves. As the storm pics up, Dag Malek, Paladin, and Xugar become over come by the rough seas and are clinging for there lives, and every once and a while hurling over the sides of the ship or in to a bucket, which ever is closer at the time.

Encounter 1
As the storm rages strange humanoid figures start crawling over the side of the ship and onto the deck. Once the invaders reach the deck they start shambling towards the nearest crew members, Three of them begin ravaging the helms men and the one deck hand on the upper deck. The other three begin going after the other crew and players on the main deck. As Keth, Qael, and Xugar deal with the [Lacedon] on the main deck, Paladin, and Dag Malek rush to provide aid to the helms men. Paladin the first of the two to reach the Helm begins hacking away at the ghoul on the Helms men, and Dag Malek, after Xugar casted Haste on him dispatched the other two, as he winded up and with his warhammer smashed it into the first one sending its broken body fling out into the sea, then crushes the last one with a thundering splat, that tore his limbs apart from his body.

As the ship sails fourth through the night the storm begins to subside, the seas calm to a gentle rolling waves, the cool water breeze fills the sky. Just as the sun is about to reach its zenith in the hot mid day sun, the Ship is rocked violently as if it struck something.

Encounter 2
As the crew goes to investigate A large tentacle is flung onto the deck, as a giant squid starts climbing up onto the deck. In response to this Xugar, Paladin, Keth]] run onto the deck to aid the crew rushing to defend against the squid. Just then another crashing comes from the other side of the hull as Qael runs to the other side to confront a Crocodile attack. All the while Dag Malek left immovable from his bucket with the increase of motion from the attack on the boat. As Xugar,Paladin, and Keth dispatch the giant squid, Qael summons a octopus to help battle the crocodile. As the squid lays twitching on the hull Keth and Paladin work at pushing the carcase overboard, Xugar rushes to the aid of Qael and ponits his wand at the Crocodile, in inadvertently makes the Crocodile grow into a gigantic crock. As the gigantic crock thrashes around trying to get out of the grip of the Octopus, Xugar then points the wand at the Octopus in hopes of evening the odds, but then the Octopus begins to turn to stone. As the Crock continues to thrash around Xugar then blinds the crock with a blinding array of Technicolor mist, rendering the Crock unconscious. As the Crock lies there unconscious the weight of the stone octopus drags the crock underneath the surface of the water, to drown.

After the encounter the company continue on there journey west as the sun begins to set over the horizon. The crew hears another bit of commotion coming from the backside of the boat and rush up to the helm as a swarm of crabs climb aboard the ship.

Encounter 3
The party battles the swarm of crabs, Then Qael begins to sear them with the ray of flame, as the swarm shrivel up.

As the party collects them selves after the battle, Dag Malek begins to make pots of water to get ready to boil, as they gather up the dead crabs and continues to cook them and the crew and party fest on crab before retiring for the night.

As the party wakes the next morning the smell of burning wood fills the air. As the party reach the deck of the boat they see a ship in the distance on fire with what looks to be a battle being waged on its burning deck.

Encounter 4
As the helms men brings the boats broadside along the burning ship, Qael and Xugar cast detect evil, and know alignment on the cloaked figures that are fighting the warrior and the elderly man, then they cast it on the warrior and elderly man, finding out that the warrior and elderly man are the ones that were more worthy of help. Keth then ties a rope onto his arrow and shoots it towards the two, and shouts for them to jump, as Xugar and Qael distract the men robed in white, and Keth lets loose volleys of arrows. As the elderly man reaches most of the way to the boat on the rope, The fighter gets shocked from behind by Xugar, being able to instinctively dodge out of the brunt of the blow, he was able to recover and use it as an opportunity to grab the rope and cut its binds to the burning ship. As the party sails full sail away from the burning ship, the two strangers continue to haul them selves up into the boat.

Once the two strangers are aboard and dried off the party gets acquainted with them. The Younger man [[Velaros]], was one of a group of warriors hired by the Elder gentleman [[Professor Lorrimor]] as body guards on his journey. After a lengthy conversation the party learns that they have ended up on Lake Encarthan a largest lake of the inner sea region of Golarion, and are currently heading in a westernly direction towards Nirmathas, and the port of Tamran. As the conversation went on, the party learned of the cult of Razmir and the Faith Barge’s that they employee, much like the one they saved [[Velaros]] and [[Professor Lorrimor]] from. Other information acquired was of Nirmathas their rivalry with Molthune, and how Molthune has established a fleet of Privateers to harass and raid any Nirmathian ship they come across, and the bounty for proof of capture or disposal of a privateer group.

As the day turned into night the ship sailed on towards the Port of Tamran, as the sun kissed the horizon, setting the sky aglow with a vibrant array of colors a call of alarm arises from the look out. “Pirate attack!!”

Encounter 5
As the privateer ship came along side the party’s ship. The first to emerge from the hold was Xugar frantically waving his wand, as a large Fireball flies into the enemy ship incinerating two-thirds of the pirates and severely scorching the rest. As the pirates try to scramble around to get away from their would be prey, the remaining one was picked off by Keth.

With a quick end to the raiding from the privateers, Dag Malek began creating gallons of water as the party began putting out the fire on the other ship from the fireball. Once the fires were out, two of the remaining four crew manning the ship went the the other ship and with the help of the crew and players they acquired a second ship. The party found some gold and a Privateer charter give by the Moltune government.

As the group continued on with both ships they arrived in port close to mid evening going into midnight. They were able to get both boats docked and a request to get repairs done to the ship, which required them to fill out paper work which asked for Company Name, and name of ships being serviced. After some deliberation the party decided to call themselves, The Avengers, Their main ship was Christened, The Red Queen, and the newly acquired ship was Christened, The Malestorm. While the Party waits for morning and word about there requested repairs they are told they could find lodgings at The Gar’s last Meal, a nice little inn on the waterfront. Were they find out that the man The Professor told them to get in contact with Reginar Lacklan would not be found until tomorrow evening when he goes for his dinner to The Forest Bounty a large fest hall on the northern edge of town.

After resting for the evening the party explores the town shops, receives word that the repairs to the ship would take about a week, mainly because they have to wait for more supplies to come in. And a special order was put in that would take about 1-2 weeks to come in. While the party is waiting for the time they are able to go and meet with Reginar Lacklan
The party sits around the taverns and watches the locals just waiting.


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