Lv 7 Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer


HP: 39
AC: 20
Weapons: Draconic claws, Quarterstaff, Staff of Necromancy, Golden Scimitar, Masterwork Rapier…
Spells: Lightning Bolt, Scorching Ray, Shocking Grasp, Magic Missile, Haste, Enlarge Person…


After an unforeseeable turn of events, Qael was mercilessly torn into an alternate void where he was forced to combat a Dread Wraith. Afterward, he was to chose a card from a stranger’s deck. The card chosen was “Balance” directly from “The Deck of Many Things”. The result, for Qael, was a complete loss of sanity and splitting of his soul. Now whenever rendered unconscious, he must beat a DC 19 or he shall change personalities. Qael being Chaotic Neutral, his alter ego being Lawful Good.


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