Serra Angelicus

Level 6 Paladin/ Level 1 Sorceror: (GM's Character)

Abandoned at a young age, she live most of her first few years living in an orphanage, in Absalom. There she scrapped for a meager existence, doing what she could to avoid the older children there that pushed around and bullied the younger ones. As she grew up, and learning what she could mostly from the daily teachings that a few of the Orphanage mothers, mainly nuns from some of the surrounding temples would teach. The one that she clung to the most was a nun by the name of Mother Sarah, she was a devotee of the local Temple of Iomedae, and as she spoke of the goddesses virtues, miracles she performed, and of her noble paladins, the young girl would hold on to ever word. Hoping one day that she can leave the orphanage and venture out as a loyal servant to the goddess Iomedae helping those in need and defending people for injustice and the evils in this world.

Mother Sarah took note of this child’s enthusiasm and need of a belief to keep her going, and once the child had reached her Seventh birthday, the nun and head priestess of the temple came and adopted the young girl in the name of the church. Mother Sarah then took the child from the orphanage and introduced her to her new life in the service of the Church of Iomedae. Once the child was shown her room, washed, and provided a good hearty meal, Mother Sarah walked the child to the daily workings of her new life, were she had to start out by serving others before she can serve herself.

Her daily routine consisted of waking up at 6:30am to begin with washing and heading to the Kitchen. At 7:00 am she would eat her breakfast with the rest of the members of the clergy. Once 8:00 am hit it was time for every one to be in morning service, were she learned more of the workings of Iomedae, her Angelic heralds, as well as the noble deed’s of her paladins as the waged war against The World Wound. 10:00am until about 11:45am she would preform her daily chores. Once Noon rolled around it was time for her to have lunch with the rest of the young lady’s she lived with. At 12:45pm until 2:30pm it was time for her to accompany a small group of fellow children and 2-3 nuns out into the city to run errands, picking up what supplies might be needed at the time, weather it be writing material, books, scrolls, or food. On the days that there was nothing they needed to get then they would go out spreading the word of Iomedae. At 2:45 She had to go and spend the next few hours in the class room, learning the ways of the clergy, teachings of Iomedae, and the History of The Inner Sea region. At 4:30pm she would leave class and go help sett up for the evening dinner that was held at 5:00pm every night. After dinner it was time for Evening services which started at 6:00pm and lasted until 8:00pm. Once evening services had finished she would be required to go to the library and copy various writings, manuscript, scrolls and other texts until 11:00pm, Though some times depending on how interesting the material she was copying was she would be there until it was time to eat breakfast the next morning.

After about a month of living at the Church, one of the Priests sat her down in his office.

“So my child how is your studies going?” asked the priest.

“They are going good, I enjoy learning about the workings of Iomedae, and how her servants go out and help those in need.” replied the young lady. “Oh how I have grown fond of those countless stories, and often find my self imagining my self doing many of the same things as those in the story.” continued the girl.

“That is good news, I am glad you are enjoying it here at the church.” replied the priest.

“It has been a some time that you have been here and yet I have heard no mention of your name, May I inquire as to what it is?” asked the priest.

“Well, I don’t really have a name sir. Well if I did I have not remembered it, I have always been referred to as either kid, rat or hey you.” Replied the girl “well at least until after I turned seven and I was brought here then I have just been called ‘My Child’”. she continued.

“And brings me to the main reason for having this meeting with you, as I do with all the young ones at your age.” He stated. “At the age of Seven every child in the service of the temple has to make a decision with what path they want to take in there life.” he paused a moment and gazed out his office window.

“You see young one, now is the time when you need to find out where your intended path in life is going to take you, and in what way you are going to continue your service to your goddess.” exclaimed the priest as he paused a moment more.

“What kind of decision are you talking about?” she continued.

“Well there are many ways for you to serve your goddess, Being a Nun allows you to care for those in need and assist the less fortunate. A Priestess, helps to bring the word and teachings to the people in a village were her temple is. Also there is a Cleric in which you would use your skills to heal the sick and diseased. Or there is the path of a paladin in which you would go out and defend the land from the evils that plague and threaten the well being of its citizens.” explained the priest.

“Well I believe that I would like to pursue the path of a paladin, and defend the land from the evils that encroach on the edges of our lands, just like those that I have dreamt and read about.” replied the girl.

“If that is your choice my young child, then you will have a long and dangerous path ahead of you and a retinue of rigorous training that from what I have seen of you lately should be of little difficulty to adjust to.” said the priest as a smile crosses his face “Very well my child. In three days time you shall be anointed fully into the service of Iomedae as a paladin in training. At which time you will be placed in service as an errand to a full fledged paladin as you get your training until you reach the age of eighteen. Now go and finish the rest of your duties for today.” said the priest

“Thank you sir, Thank you sir” replied the girl as she started to get up and leave.

“Oh, and seeing as you will need a proper name I suggest you put some deep thought to the name that you would like to be called by, I will expect you to have your decision with in the three days time until your anointing ceremony.” replied the priest as she was walking towards the door.

With a huge smile on her face that spread from one ear to the other she replied, “Oh I shall.”

As she went to bed on that evening she said to herself, “A name….” She never really put any thought to it before.

Over the next three days she went about her daily duties, always with a happy, cheerful, and energetic demeanor.

On the eve of her anointing ceremony she was up in the library recording the exploits of an Angelic warrior in the service of Iomedae, as she helped helped in the first crusade against the encroaching forces of the World wound. She remembers recording this story of the Angelic Warrior Serra, countless times, matter of fact it was her favorite to work on out of the entire library. As she worked on the transcription the evening hours sped on by ans the moon began to shine in the window she was sitting by. As she glanced out noticing the moon she realized just how early it was, because the moon reaches this window just about two hours before sunrise, she thought to her self. “Well let me finish this last paragraph then I will get some sleep.” yawned the young girl.

‘Bong!! Bong!! Bong!!’ The young girl shot up out of a deep sleep lifting her head off the set of parchments that she was working on the night before. The sun beating through the windows of the Library. “What time is it….did I miss breakfast I need to head to morning services quickly.” she yawned stretching her arms.

“Oh no my child, you need not worry about going to the morning services. Those bells are signaling that it is four o’clock in the afternoon.” interrupted another student sitting in the center of the Library.

“What….. I have slept that long….Oh no I need to hurry my anointing ceremony…” she shot out of her seat and darted towards the door.

“You better hurry. You only got about an hour to get ready…”

As she entered the assembly hall the head priestess was standing at the altar, flanking her were several priests, and every single seat in the Hall had been filled. “It has begun already.” As she quietly made her way up to the group of the rest of her class mates that were undergoing their own anointing as they chose their paths.

Once it was her turn she walked up to the priestess, as the clergy chanted and the High priestess recited the vows of a Paladin in the service of Iomedae must abide by. Kneeling in front of the High Priestess she felt so small and diminutive.

As the Priestess paused while the rest of the clergy chanted praise to Iomedae she asked, “So have you chosen you name my child?”

“I have, It is….” said as the clergy grew louder.

The High priestess smiled at her and whispered, “That is a very fitting.” As the Priestess raised her head and arms the clergy quieted as she spoke. “Rise the newest member of our family and now Paladin in training, Serra Angelicus, Rise.”

Once the High priestess announced her name for all to hear, Serra felt a strong sense of pride as now she had her own name. As she rose to her feet she felt as large as a Storm Giant towering over a tiny village, she now had a purpose in her life.

Once she turned eighteen her training under her mentor has come to a finish and she was now a full fledged Paladin in the service of Iomedae. As her first set of duties She was charged with guarding a caravan as they were transporting a strange supposed Magical sphere from a church in Mendev to Absalom. While on route sailing from the port at Almas to Absalom, the sphere began to glow a radiant white light as a violent storm engulfed the region unexpectedly, as the ship was tossed violently from wave to wave. As the storm worsened the ship began taking on water, as Serra raced to the sphere to rescue it from the hold before it sank to the bottom of the sea. Once she reached the hold she was blinded by the bright light of the sphere. With her eyes shielded she continued on further into the room basked in a radiant white light. As she neared the sphere a continued feeling of peace began to flow through her. Once at the center of the room she reached out and touched the sphere with her right hand.

As she touched the sphere the world around her disappeared as she was completely engulfed by the radiant light, and a female voice called out to her, a sweat and calming yet powerful voice, “Fear not My Child! Take this gift young Serra and, All will be fine.” Then all went dark.

Once Serra woke she found herself in a very strange land on what seems to be a large chess board field. As she gained her composure she felt that something was different as she felt a strange since of power flow through her. Gazing across the land she noticed a small group of adventures making there way across the board with some level of difficulty. “I wonder if these people will be able to tell me were I am, and know of how I may get home or possibly help me find a way home.” Serra told herself as she made her way over to aid these strangers.

Serra Angelicus

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