Lv 6 Elven Ranger


Keth is a relatively average built Elf. He is 5’11" and 150lbs with jet black hair tied in a shogunate-style topknot. As his heritage is that of a “sun elf”, his skin is darker than that of the native humans.

His eyes are an odd yellow hue, almost gold in the sunlight.


Keth’ronae is the youngest of the Silver Leaf Rangers in the hamlet of Nightwatch near the Mierani Forest. His family is one of many that have kept watch on Celwynvian after the elves’ return from Sovyrian.

The Silver Rangers have been the front line on numerous assaults against the local roaming Orc tribes, generally forcing them back into the mountains from whence they came. Their proficiency at killing their green-skinned neighbors has given them a well earned reputation among the people of Varisia.

(Keth was kidnapped, or something, and is trying to get back to his home.. which may or may not be destroyed.)

more to come, as soon as Kevin is finished brainfarting.


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