Setting roots in a new land

Through the Fog

I can see clearly now!

The fog begins to clear as the party finds them selves sailing in a westernly direction. As the day goes on the sky starts to darken, flashes of light on the horizon illuminate the sky for a split second. The wind begins to howl as it reaches about 50 mph. The Waves toss the, The Red Queen, around as the PC’s brace them selves. As the storm pics up, Dag Malek, Paladin, and Xugar become over come by the rough seas and are clinging for there lives, and every once and a while hurling over the sides of the ship or in to a bucket, which ever is closer at the time.

Encounter 1
As the storm rages strange humanoid figures start crawling over the side of the ship and onto the deck. Once the invaders reach the deck they start shambling towards the nearest crew members, Three of them begin ravaging the helms men and the one deck hand on the upper deck. The other three begin going after the other crew and players on the main deck. As Keth, Qael, and Xugar deal with the [Lacedon] on the main deck, Paladin, and Dag Malek rush to provide aid to the helms men. Paladin the first of the two to reach the Helm begins hacking away at the ghoul on the Helms men, and Dag Malek, after Xugar casted Haste on him dispatched the other two, as he winded up and with his warhammer smashed it into the first one sending its broken body fling out into the sea, then crushes the last one with a thundering splat, that tore his limbs apart from his body.

As the ship sails fourth through the night the storm begins to subside, the seas calm to a gentle rolling waves, the cool water breeze fills the sky. Just as the sun is about to reach its zenith in the hot mid day sun, the Ship is rocked violently as if it struck something.

Encounter 2
As the crew goes to investigate A large tentacle is flung onto the deck, as a giant squid starts climbing up onto the deck. In response to this Xugar, Paladin, Keth]] run onto the deck to aid the crew rushing to defend against the squid. Just then another crashing comes from the other side of the hull as Qael runs to the other side to confront a Crocodile attack. All the while Dag Malek left immovable from his bucket with the increase of motion from the attack on the boat. As Xugar,Paladin, and Keth dispatch the giant squid, Qael summons a octopus to help battle the crocodile. As the squid lays twitching on the hull Keth and Paladin work at pushing the carcase overboard, Xugar rushes to the aid of Qael and ponits his wand at the Crocodile, in inadvertently makes the Crocodile grow into a gigantic crock. As the gigantic crock thrashes around trying to get out of the grip of the Octopus, Xugar then points the wand at the Octopus in hopes of evening the odds, but then the Octopus begins to turn to stone. As the Crock continues to thrash around Xugar then blinds the crock with a blinding array of Technicolor mist, rendering the Crock unconscious. As the Crock lies there unconscious the weight of the stone octopus drags the crock underneath the surface of the water, to drown.

After the encounter the company continue on there journey west as the sun begins to set over the horizon. The crew hears another bit of commotion coming from the backside of the boat and rush up to the helm as a swarm of crabs climb aboard the ship.

Encounter 3
The party battles the swarm of crabs, Then Qael begins to sear them with the ray of flame, as the swarm shrivel up.

As the party collects them selves after the battle, Dag Malek begins to make pots of water to get ready to boil, as they gather up the dead crabs and continues to cook them and the crew and party fest on crab before retiring for the night.

As the party wakes the next morning the smell of burning wood fills the air. As the party reach the deck of the boat they see a ship in the distance on fire with what looks to be a battle being waged on its burning deck.

Encounter 4
As the helms men brings the boats broadside along the burning ship, Qael and Xugar cast detect evil, and know alignment on the cloaked figures that are fighting the warrior and the elderly man, then they cast it on the warrior and elderly man, finding out that the warrior and elderly man are the ones that were more worthy of help. Keth then ties a rope onto his arrow and shoots it towards the two, and shouts for them to jump, as Xugar and Qael distract the men robed in white, and Keth lets loose volleys of arrows. As the elderly man reaches most of the way to the boat on the rope, The fighter gets shocked from behind by Xugar, being able to instinctively dodge out of the brunt of the blow, he was able to recover and use it as an opportunity to grab the rope and cut its binds to the burning ship. As the party sails full sail away from the burning ship, the two strangers continue to haul them selves up into the boat.

Once the two strangers are aboard and dried off the party gets acquainted with them. The Younger man [[Velaros]], was one of a group of warriors hired by the Elder gentleman [[Professor Lorrimor]] as body guards on his journey. After a lengthy conversation the party learns that they have ended up on Lake Encarthan a largest lake of the inner sea region of Golarion, and are currently heading in a westernly direction towards Nirmathas, and the port of Tamran. As the conversation went on, the party learned of the cult of Razmir and the Faith Barge’s that they employee, much like the one they saved [[Velaros]] and [[Professor Lorrimor]] from. Other information acquired was of Nirmathas their rivalry with Molthune, and how Molthune has established a fleet of Privateers to harass and raid any Nirmathian ship they come across, and the bounty for proof of capture or disposal of a privateer group.

As the day turned into night the ship sailed on towards the Port of Tamran, as the sun kissed the horizon, setting the sky aglow with a vibrant array of colors a call of alarm arises from the look out. “Pirate attack!!”

Encounter 5
As the privateer ship came along side the party’s ship. The first to emerge from the hold was Xugar frantically waving his wand, as a large Fireball flies into the enemy ship incinerating two-thirds of the pirates and severely scorching the rest. As the pirates try to scramble around to get away from their would be prey, the remaining one was picked off by Keth.

With a quick end to the raiding from the privateers, Dag Malek began creating gallons of water as the party began putting out the fire on the other ship from the fireball. Once the fires were out, two of the remaining four crew manning the ship went the the other ship and with the help of the crew and players they acquired a second ship. The party found some gold and a Privateer charter give by the Moltune government.

As the group continued on with both ships they arrived in port close to mid evening going into midnight. They were able to get both boats docked and a request to get repairs done to the ship, which required them to fill out paper work which asked for Company Name, and name of ships being serviced. After some deliberation the party decided to call themselves, The Avengers, Their main ship was Christened, The Red Queen, and the newly acquired ship was Christened, The Malestorm. While the Party waits for morning and word about there requested repairs they are told they could find lodgings at The Gar’s last Meal, a nice little inn on the waterfront. Were they find out that the man The Professor told them to get in contact with Reginar Lacklan would not be found until tomorrow evening when he goes for his dinner to The Forest Bounty a large fest hall on the northern edge of town.

After resting for the evening the party explores the town shops, receives word that the repairs to the ship would take about a week, mainly because they have to wait for more supplies to come in. And a special order was put in that would take about 1-2 weeks to come in. While the party is waiting for the time they are able to go and meet with Reginar Lacklan
The party sits around the taverns and watches the locals just waiting.



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