Setting roots in a new land

Isle of Terror

To the City of Golden Death

As the Sun crests the horizon of the next day, Dag is out gathering supplies form the surrounding woods that he intends to put to use on their journey. As mid morning comes around the party assembles on the docks as the crew of, The Red Queen, are making preparations for there departure.

As the captain of the ship approaches the party he greats them with a smile, “Good day to you all. Preparations are going buy smoothly, and we shall be able to set sail with in the hour.”

“Wonderful” replied Keth.

“And what of the repairs on the Malestrom?” asked Xugar.

“The damages to the Malestrom were numerous and repairs are proceeding slowly, the main thing that is holding us up is that we have to wait on a delivery for a few items on the ship.” replied the captain “No worries though they should just about all be complete by the time we return from our voyage.” he explained “in the mean time you all can feel free to start boarding and once all the preparations have completed we shall be off.”

“Very nice Captain, what other news have you this fine day?” askedSerra Angelicus

“Well my Lady, it seems that the town is all in an uproar over you guys exposing the illegal activities of the Cult of Razmir.” replied the Captain, “Shoot the city guards are even going as far as, as of this morning they have started demolishing the whole Temple, in an attempt to completely erase any traces that they were even here. As for the cultist they have locked up, well they are getting ready to start conducting criminal trails for all the illegal activities that they participated in, and boy I tell you, now that they are in jail there are numerous more people coming forward with new allegations against them. Serves them right for what they have done I suppose.” Informed the captain, “anyways shall we be off My Lady?” he asked

“Very well, lets head out.” Replied Serra.

Add Sea Encounters here>

After several days out to sea the party spots the Island, looming in the midst of a sea of darkness as the ship sails straight for the island and into the heart of the Negative energy storm that rages before them.

Add more sea encounter here while in Negative energy storm>

As the party lands on the Island they find themselves in Fort Landing, the once main port of the island now just a dead, decrepit, abandoned ruin of its former glory as now all the buildings have fallen into decay. Traveling through the ruins the party eventually comes across the remains of the Razmiri’s campsite. After searching the site there were obvious signs that the cultist had been attacked while they camped for the night, as three marked freshly dug, grave sites were located on the edge of the campsite. Once Keth’ronae learned of their direction they were off again, trekking into the interior of the Island and into a dark and damp swamp.

Add encounter with the deranged Pathfinder stranded on the island>

Add encounter with the mutated Black Lizardmen of the Island and discovery of the Black lake of Poison>

Encounter with Shadow Demon>

The party arrives at the Gates of Xin-Grafar, more commonly known as the City of Golden Death>

Encounters while in the city>

First Battle with a Golden Skeletal Dragon and the addition to the Party Orc Barbarian.>

Battle at the gates to the cities second ring>

As the party continues on through the Gates to the second ring, Keth decides to scout ahead. As the elf ventures forth he comes across another intersection, but in this intersection lays a large pile of gold and jewels that rise about 10 feet high. As he observes the area he does not see much else out of the ordinary, then he spots on the edge of the pile a Golden statue facing the pile. After examining the statue for a while he notices that this is not just a normal statue but this is one of the Razmiri cultist, it has the same exact build, wearing a similar style robe and the face is also covered in one of those iron masks.

Before Keth could say anything, curiosity pulled X towards the pile as he stared transfixed on the treasure before him. As the gnome started to reach towards the pile he was jerked back into reality at the sound of some strange noise. As Xugar leaps back away from the pile, in the exact spot that he was once standing, a geyser of molten gold bursted forth from the ground, melting some of the nearby gold in the process. As the fountain of gold subsided, the gnome set his eyes on the golden statue, and began reciting an incantation, as the statue started to reduce in size. Once the Statue was small enough the Sorcerer utilized his magical aptitude and levitated the statue away from the pile of gold. Once safely away the Xugar picked up the statue and tucked it away into his pocket.

Cultist set a meager trap for their pursuers.>

Encounter with the bridge Guardians>

Battle with the Golden Dragon>

Searching the Dragons Horde>

Entering into the central building>

Climbing over the Pit of Gold coins>

Fight with 3 more cultists>

As the party recovers from there battle with the last remaining cultists, They start to venture forth into the Central chamber of the city. Walking down the Hall way strange thick sticky strands of webbing shoot out from various sections of the walls and floor. As the young Gnome ducks and weaves through the webbing fighting to move forward, he comes to the edge of the webbing and blows his magical Horn. As the sound echos through the adjoining chambers the room before him becomes clouded in a thick layer of Fog concealing every thing that is inside the room.

The rest of the party fights there way free of the webbing as large shards of ice rain over them slicing and freezing the members of the party. Now free from his confines Dag Malek advances forward as he fortifies himself with his divine magic. Fighting to get free Keth’ronae starts weaving through the webbing, entering the thick fog searching for the unknown adversary.

As Iramine hears her attackers struggling through her Web, She lets loose a Fire Ball into the narrow Hall way.

A large Burning ball of Fire smashes into the wall of the Hallway, as the party ducks and rolls, taking minimal damage from the Fireball. As the regain their composure they notice that the webbing has started burning away.

Young Qael advanced forward into the edge of the Hall way and started casting rays of scorching fire into the fog, just watching it as the heat from the rays begins to dissipate the fog in the room.

As the fog completely dissipates from the room Iramine finds herself becoming surrounded as she draws her Elven Curve blade.

X boosts the abilities of Dag by causing him to become Enlarged, giving his more of an advantage in the fight.

As the battle seems to be winding down something unexpected happens. Iramine grasps the Jewel of Everlasting Gold and holds it against her chest as her body ignites into a large mass of flames, as the young elf grows into a Huge Fire Elemental.

While the party backs away from the expanding Humanoid figure of fire X points his strange wand at the creature out of instinct. As hundreds of thousands of butterflies spray forth towards the creature. As the insects flutter forth the majority of the party become blinded by hundreds of fluttering burning butterflies.

Keth, lunges at the flame elemental striking several staggering hits and singing his knuckles in the process.

As Dag continues to exchange blows with the fire elemental X points his rod at it once more. This time The red and orange flames of the elemental start turning to a deep bluish shade.

As the battle raged on X managed to point his rod and make the Elemental grow even larger, from a huge elemental into a larger Elder Elemental.

As the battle comes into an end the party collect there spoils and leave the room.

As the party proceeds to navigate back over the money pit, they are attacked by the Dark Naga again.

As the party deals with the Naga Xugar reads his maps and schematics that he acquired and walked out the door, leaving the party to deal with their new adversary, And makes his way to the Exit post haste.

As the party finishes with the Naga, they continue to scale the other side of the mone y pit as dag fills his pockets with what he can carry. As the party assembles at the top of the pit they continue out the door.

“X where is the quickest way out?” Keth asked. After several moments of silence as the party glances around. They realize that the gnome is no were to be seen.

“That little son of a….” utters Keth as he runs off back tracking his way back to the entrance straining to catch up with the Gnome.

As the Gnome reaches the entrance he finds the doors to the city closed as the Molten gold rises to kiss the edges of the shores. He locates the building on the map that is supposed to control the gate doors and enters to examine the lock. Upon discovering that there are several levers on the wall and two of the levers need to be pulled at the same time he exits the building and sits on the ground by the door way.

Keth finally catches up to the Gnome watching him go into the building and then shortly after coming out and sit by the door. Staying concealed within the buildings he keeps an eye on the gnome.

As Dag watches the elf speed off into the distance, he puts his hands together cracking his knuckles, “Ah….What the Hell!” As he picks up his Hammer and flings it over his shoulder, and extends one foot into the golden square in-front of him, as he steps down the square lights up. The Dwarf laughs and begins to sing, “She Was More Like A Beauty Queen From A Movie Scene”, stepping into another square with the other foot as it lights up as well, “I Said Don’t Mind, But What Do You Mean I Am The One”. As he begins a half jog and half dance as he follows the elf as he makes his way back to the entrance, as the rest of the party follows.

As the Dwarf continues on, Qael joins in with his “ghost sounds” spell, making a standard drum beat: kick, snare and hi-hat, and it contains hardly any reverberation, aside from a long pre-delay reverb, primarily on the snare sound. After four bars, The paladin joins in also with her “Ghost sound” to add a repetitive bass line, the a companiment is followed by a repetitive three-note synth, as the Party journeys forth.

As Keth sits there staking out the Gnome his attention gets diverted as he hears a strangely catchy tune coming from behind followed by a set of enchanting lyrics. As he turns he sees Dag and the rest of the party coming down the road, but he notices that as dag steps on a square it lights up as the dwarf continues singing.

“Billie Jean Is Not My Lover” As the Dwarf lights up another square, “She’s Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One”

Dag Pauses and spins around and continues, “But The Kid Is Not My Son” as he poops his collar, “She Says I Am The One, But The Kid Is Not My Son”

With another spin, “Billie Jean Is Not My Lover”, he shakes his legs flipping one foot out forward, “She’s Just A Girl Who Claims That I Am The One” stepping forward lighting up another square, “But The Kid Is Not My Son”

As Dag spins again, “Billie Jean Is Not My Lover” Thrusting his pelvis forward.

As the rest of the Party join up at the cross roads in front of the now closed entrance, the Gnome sulks back into the building. The Party goes in after, Dag enters first to notice that the Gnome is attempting to jump into the river of molten gold just bellow. Dag lungs forth just grabbing the Gnome by his legs and pulls him up.

Then binds the Gnome with the Rope.

Gnome refuses to talk to any one but the Dwarf.

Every one leaves building and the Dwarf interrogates the Gnome.

Gnome finally agrees to tell the Dwarf how to get out of the city in exchange for his life and a few of his possessions.

The Party exit the City, and head back to the Boat.

The Gnome is let loose and leaves on a row boat.

The party boards the, The Red Queen and heads back towards Tamran

The Gnome watching the party sail past him circle around the North side of the Island and heads towards the North Eastern edge of Lake Encarthan.



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